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Would you love to feel blissful and beautiful when you practice yoga? Would you love to feel deeply relaxed,  invigorated and in touch with your inner guidance- your intuitive juiciness?You can with Venus Yoga. 

Venus Yoga focuses on energy flow, feminine intuition, sensuality, pleasure, creativity, and true connection with other woman. 

Rather than outer shape (yoga poses) Venus Yoga allows you to connect with your inner terrain, your unique rhythm , so you can free your creative energy, feel energeized, feel peaceful, feel beautiful and be beautiful!

  • What is the essence and true power of being a woman?
  • Why is pleasure (FEELING FABULOUS IN YOUR BODY) so important for our health, abundance, and spirituality?
  • Why is it so important to verbally share your yoga experiences in sacred circle with other women?

Venus Yoga sessions will allow you to hear your intuitive answers to these questions and more. 

 The Venus Yoga Difference.

  • mat-free practice so you can move more freely and dance with your feminine creative energy. YES ! no yoga mat necessary!
  • A sacred supportive circle for you to make connections and community with other women.
  • Where possible we practice yoga outside in nature. 
  • Female specific yoga techniques and tools from China, Tibet, India, and global Shamanic traditions,
  • Elemental Sequences (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Either) to guide and inspire your own intuitive creative wisdom,
  • Seasonal Sequences (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) to help your body adapt & thrive all year round,
  • Special Sequences for your “Moon Time” (menses) & for rites of passage (pregnancy, marriage, menopause).
  • Tailored Sequences for you-just you! when you have a one-on-one session with the Venus Yoga Founder Sara-Shivani.
  • Videos, Interviews, & Info Sheets that help you easily and practically apply the latest research on women, health, and wellness.

Venus Yoga Elemental Sequences are themed, practical, and purposeful.

 PHASE ONE has 6 Sequences.

1: The CORE Sequence- Nourishing & Cultivating Your Feminine Power through Essential Self Care Practices.

2: The EARTH Sequence- Reconnecting with Mother Earth Energy, Grounding, Creating Physical Strength & Finding Peace in your Relationship with Your Mother.

3: The WATER Sequence- 
Caring for Your Female Reproductive System, Strengthening your Bladder & Kidneys, Finding Physical Flexibility & Feminine Flow. 

4: The AIR (Prana) Sequence- 
Optimizing Your Breathing, Awakening Your Orgasmic Potential, and Opening Your Heart Chakra for a Love Filled Life. 

5: The FIRE Sequence- Creating Internal Heat & Digestive Fire, Unifying Your Feminine & Masculine Energies for a Powerful and Peaceful Daily Life.

6: The MOON Sequence- Menstruation Care & Celebration. Say goodbye to PMS and monthly pain. Discover the real power of being a woman and the global “Red Tent” revolution.

PHASE 2 has 5 Sequences; 

1: The JADE EGG Sequence-
Activating the True Power of Your Womb for Reproductive Wellness, Sensual Pleasure, & Spiritual Bliss.

2: The FERTILITY Sequence-
Enhancing Your Fertile Power & Balancing Your Female Hormones.

3: The PREGNANCY Sequences-
Pre-natal Yoga & Blissful Birth Preparation.
Includes; 4 Sequences for the 4 Stages of Pregnancy & 1 Sequence for Labor.

4: The Post Natal Sequence-
Caring for yourself first so you can be the best mother possible to your new baby. 

5: The Partner Sequence-
Learning specific massage techniques, and partner yoga exercises, to create a strong and nurturing bond of mutual care.

Contact Shivani to discuss which Sequence is best for you today, this month, and at this stage of your life. info{a} 2g7hp.hosts.cx

More on Venus Yoga.

It’s a simple but powerful framework of practices, tools, and techniques that respects your female body, emotional intelligence, monthly and life cycles.  It is a step by step creative journey equipping you with practical wisdom so you can feel beautiful, peaceful and energised everyday, no matter your busy schedule, daily frustrations or challenges. Once you have experienced the introductory online course or weekend workshops you only need a few minutes at specific times in your day to practice Venus Yoga and reap the amazing benefits, including;

  • everyday sustained energy
  • deep sleep
  • self love and confidence
  • pain free menstruation
  • sexual vitality, 
  • positive relationships.

Did you know that, most yoga taught today was created by men for men. While this appeals to the masculinity within women, the female body and mind is overlooked. Venus Yoga is based on the female roots of yoga and interweaves masculine lineages with feminine wisdom and grace. It is a fusion of the most suitable elements of various yoga styles and shamanic traditions that nurture the female body and mind. So if you are new to yoga or a long time yoga enthusiast (a yogini) you can experience something energizing, insightful and inspiring.

Venus Yoga is  a body-mind-soul practice. Each sequence stimulates and nourishes both your masculinity and femininity, teaches you how to nurture your reproductive system and understand your ‘female brain’. Venus Yoga™ gives you the tool set to care for your body, increase your fitness,  harmonize your emotions, and balance your hormones. With expert guidance from your Venus Yoga™  Instructor,  you can tailor the practice to suit your deepest desires and needs.  Whether you are seeking more fitness, healing, and or spirituality, Venus Yoga™ can help you create the body and mind set for holistic health and happiness.

You may have tried a yoga class where the teacher directs you to move up and down on a plastic mat like you are in the military. This is a masculine way of practicing yoga. For men it is wonderful but for women there is a more effective way, a feminine way, to practice. Women need an atmosphere to let go, find their unique flow and creativity. In doing so, the heart opens and inspiration abounds. This is what Venus Yoga™  offers.

In a class you will be introduced to various styles and sequences of yoga so you can explore your body, witness your thought patterns, and discover exactly why yoga is known as a body-mind-soul practice.

Initially we move together as a group but as you tap into your own rhythm your uniqueness and femininity starts to shine. You may surprise yourself with how creative, dynamic, joyful and peaceful you become.

As you engage in poses (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditations you receive individual attention and alignment adjustments from your Venus Yoga™  instructor. You decide the intensity of your experience and level of support.

A workshop or retreat delves deeper and goes beyond the mainstream notions of  yoga. In a fun and empowering atmosphere you explore what it means to be you and what it means to be a woman. Friendships and even business connections are made.

Venus Yoga™ will challenge you physically, emotionally and creatively. You will have fun, find inner and outer fitness, find inner tranquility and most importantly experience how yoga is more than just a work-out.

Join a class (60-90mins) , connect with the community online, and if you want a transformative adventure register for the Venus Yoga™  Teacher Training- it will enhance your life and help inspire other women and girls to do the same.

Each Venus Yoga class and workshop is unique. Your Venus Yoga instructor tailors every session to suit the desires and needs of everywoman participating. There are also set sequences that you can learn and practice wherever you are to care for your total self.